Training & Workshops

SOLUTIONSPACE Therapy and Psychological Services offer psychoeducational presentations, training and workshops for schools, colleges, companies and other organisations.

This includes:

  • Delivery of guest lectures or skills workshops, which can include, for example:

– stress management,

– assertiveness training,

– anger management training,

– working with unhelpful thinking styles,

– building confidence and self-esteem,

– dealing with anxiety and exam stress,

– building resilience,

– working with diversity,

  • Teacher training sessions – tailored to the needs of individual schools
  • Therapeutic interventions
  • Group work
  • Staff and parent consultations
  • Mindfulness,

and many more.

Your organisation’s individual needs are always taken into account and the delivery and materials are tailored to address your requirements.

Please contact SOLUTIONSPACE to discuss your specific needs and requirements.